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Educational Counseling

Applying to study abroad, be it school, summer courses, or university, entails several procedures and details. For this reason, in Terife Educational Services we offer Educational Counseling service to students and their families.

Our main objective is to place the student in the university that best suits his profile and interests. Therefore, in order to achieve this, it is essential to know the student well, both personally and academically.

Consequently, our approach in the preparation process for the admission exams is integrated with counseling each step of the way; this provides a more efficient procedure to assure that more accurate decisions are reached.

The role of the counselor is to prepare each student in how to present and promote himself to the admissions departments as a valuable and interesting candidate for their institutions.

We offer assistance in three principal areas:

This service is for those students wishing to enter university abroad. It is aimed at students finishing high school wishing to enter university, university students seeking to transfer to another university, and young people hoping to pursue postgraduate studies abroad.

This service is aimed at students who need support to enter their career, either because they need to improve their grades, their level of English or other academic qualities. The objective of these courses is to level students in critical areas for their university studies, while they take some subjects of the career they are interested in.

This service is intended for students wishing to take a summer course to improve their skills in the language of the country where they would like to study, or to learn more about the career they have chosen. It could be considered as a preliminary step to applying to universities. Terife Educational Services commits to finding the best option for them and to boost the development of each student to enhance his academic curriculum.

Contact us for further information and to coordinate a meeting where we will listen to your needs and concerns, and explain how our services are adapted to your objectives.

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