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Accompaniment and Reinforcement for Regular School Subjects

When students feel that they need to consolidate certain school study content, or when they have gaps in some topics, they usually need extra support to be able to obtain better results in school. That is why at Terife Educational Services we provide our students with the opportunity to feel more secure and consolidate their knowledge for greater success in the school environment.

These classes are intended for high school students who need to reinforce their knowledge. Support is given principally in English, Spanish, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

These classes provide support to those students who take subjects in the IB (International Baccalaureate Programme). These are primarily in: Spanish, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.

In both cases, classes are taught only in the personalized modality, either at home or remotely.

In our introductory conversation for hiring our services, we explain in detail the frequency, duration, schedule and dynamics of the classes, as well as the necessary materials and equipment, according to their needs and selected study plan.

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